Top 5 Winter Fashion Trends Going Into 2022

  1. Bold Colors – Typically when we think of winter, we think neutrals. But this year, there’s an increase in bold colors like hot pink, lime green and red.
  2. Shackets – Shackets have been a staple in our fall/winter wardrobes for a few years, and they’re not going anywhere. The classic plaid, but also touches of leather & shearling this year.
  3. Leather Pants – Another winter wardrobe staple, but this year we’re seeing flared and straight leg cuts as well as bolder colors such as maroon and olive green.
  4. Knee-High Boots – We’ve always seen knee-high boots make an appearance, but this time there’s more of a focus on leather or croc with a more structured style.
  5. Textures – This year it’s less about prints and more about texture. Anything from shearling to feathers to chunky knitting. Adds depth to a simple outfit.