6 Wardrobe Essentials Worth Splurging On


We all know the difference between classic and trendy clothing items, right? Classic items are ones that will never go out of style & stay relevant during each season. Trendy items come and go based on the season and what decade is “trending” at that moment. Classic items = splurge. Trendy items = save.

Here are some wardrobe essentials I think are worth splurging on:

  1. Jeans – High-quality denim is essential & when you splurge on a good pair (or a few good pairs of jeans), they will last you years and won’t fade with each wash.
  2. Black Trousers – Black classic trousers are a staple in any wardrobe because they can be worn for many occasions – work, night out, or dressed down with some sneakers. A well made pair will always look stylish and timeless.
  3. Blazers – A blazer can elevate any outfit and take it from casual to high-end in an instant. Invest in a good blazer that is fitted to your liking & it will be in your closet for years.
  4. Sweaters – One of the best sweaters to invest in is a cashmere sweater. This is a cozy, easy to wear piece that will never go out of style. Perfect layering piece for fall & winter.
  5. Winter Coats – Spending more on a winter coat will not only ensure higher-quality fabric, but also warmth as the temperatures drop throughout the season. Stay stylish & cozy at the same time.
  6. Basics – High-quality basics are a necessity when building a capsule wardrobe that will work for any season. Don’t skimp on cheap tanks or t-shirts – invest in items like a long sleeve, tee, mockneck and classic tank.