6 Tips for a Successful Morning Routine

  1. Time by yourself – set aside 30-60 minutes each morning for “you” time & allow yourself enough time so there is no rushing – this can be adjusted based on your schedule.
  2. Put the phone down – no phone until your morning routine is complete! If you are starting your day with texts or social media, it can alter your mindset & get you off track. 
  3. Meditation – spend 5-10 minutes each morning visualizing, listening to music with your eyes closed or following a guided meditation. This will allow you to set your intention for the day & get your body/mind aligned.
  4. Gratitude – each morning write down 5 things you are grateful for. This can be as simple as your bed, the sunshine, your morning cup of coffee. This starts your day on the right note & makes you appreciative of the small things.
  5. Make your bed – we’ve all heard it… “If you want to make a difference in the world, start by making your bed.” It’s a simple task, but it sets your day up for success because it gives you a sense of accomplishment. 
  6. Get ready – whether you’re getting ready for the office or working at home, put on an outfit that makes you feel confident, spend time doing your morning skincare & put on your makeup (whatever that means to you). Get ready to be the best version of yourself that day!